Early November

Hey everybody,

Daniel with the ol' Unaka seasonal update.  We had an excellent show at Murphy's with Pragmaddix on Halloween and an awesome house party the Saturday before.  Thank you all for coming out and being respectful of our space (whoever broke the glass bottle and swept it up immediately--you are the unsung heroes).

Other than a few shows, we've had a pretty quiet fall.  We're a little all over the place with some of us living in different cities and working on graduating, but we do have a few Boone shows in early December.  As of now, we've got Dec. 3rd at Murphy's as Prongmaddix, and Dec. 9th at The Local with Swim in the Wild (https://www.facebook.com/SwimInTheWild/).

If you haven't gotten in on it already, we are putting together a street team--which basically means that we'll send you free stickers if you promise to Tony Hawk Underground sticker slap them around your general area and send us pictures of your vandalism.  Fill out your info under the Street Team tab on the website, and we'll be in touch.

Personally most exciting news to share is that we are starting to record the new album in December!  We're heading to Nashville for about a week to track in our buddy Frank's swank recording studio.  It's crazy that we've been playing some of our songs for almost a year and still don't have them on a record.  We're hoping to do all of the album work in-house, Mike on the album art, and have everyone collaborate on the liner notes to make the product more of an expression of our personalities.  Dangerous territory for some of us... but keep your eyes out for goofy studio updates as they will undoubtedly come.

Anyway, as always, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.  We're working on some dates in Asheville, Wilmington, and Nashville for winter.  More expansive Spring Break tour in the works as well, so let us know what city you want to see us in!

Check out some of Mike's paintings on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/mikewelshart/

Much love,